Trashpect Ratio 7 – Antichrist and Heartbeats

Les-Amours-Imaginaires-Poster-lg antichrist-movie_poster









It’s a couple days late, because Jackson was on a little vacation, but he has returned to bring you yet another successful episode of your favourite movie podcast: Trashpect Ratio! This month, we’re talking two movies as part of our club, Lars Von Trier’s 2009 movie Antichrist, and Xavier Dolan’s 2010 movie Heartbeats. One of these is our first ever four-way disagreement on a movie, but which one? You may be surprised! (You won’t, you won’t at all.)

Please do listen, enjoy and subscribe on iTunes!

Discussion List
Inherent Vice
The Strange Colour Of Your Body’s Tears
Miami Vice
Phantom Of The Paradise
Jupiter Ascending

This Month’s Movie

Next Month’s Movie
Danger: Diabolik


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